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Yeshiva Tuition Price-Breaker: Starting at $2350/yr for Torah & General Studies! Grades K-12. High School Diploma. Family Discounts. Boys & Girls Divisions. Where Every Student Can Succeed!

Streamlined Top Quality Education Customized to the Student's Level and Interests. Includes AP Subjects, Career Training, Electives. College credit track available. Remedial and Special Needs tracks for the same price!

Elementary School

Setting a solid foundation for educational excellence, Melamed Academy’s Grades K-5 division educates students with child-friendly and individualized instruction, award-winning digital curriculum, and devoted teachers - ensuring lifelong academic success.

Middle School

Students in Grades 6-8 enjoy a personalized scholastic program that accommodates individual learning styles and subjects of interest. Courses sharpen students' study skills, expand their academic horizons, and increase self-motivation for educational success.

High School

Students in Grades 9-12 study subjects at differentiated levels, including AP courses, World Languages, Technology, and Career Preparation. Effective and enjoyable programs ensure mastery and student engagement.

Thinking About Homeschooling?

Melamed Academy Can Be Your Partner

Melamed's Own Customized Courses

  • Earn a High School Diploma!

    Hundreds of course options at all levels
  • Career Preparation!

    Computer programming, business, and more
  • GED Test Prep!

    Fast track program with simulated test questions
  • All Grades, All Courses

    Choose the track right for you

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Give Your Students More, While Paying Less. Benefit from Our Online Academic Solutions that Your Students Will Enjoy!


  • Award winning curriculum
  • Experienced & talented teachers
  • Kid-friendly program
  • Aligned to iNACOL online best practices
  • Cutting edge technology platform


  • Customized curriculum
  • Torah-observant teachers
  • Private online network
  • Exclusive kosher computers
  • Torah day school atmosphere


  • Family-friendly pricing
  • Award winning curricular materials
  • Thousands of multimedia resources
  • Library with EBSCO databases
  • Includes Google Apps & software package

Melamed Academy Advantages

Melamed Academy teaches every student at his level, not an elusive "middle of the class".
Every student takes a pretest to gauge his level and prior knowledge. A customized learning path is then charted, and the student progresses through the course material at his own pace, allowing unlimited reviews or an accelerated study.

Melamed Academy teachers are trained in online education and participate in monthly Professional Development seminars.

Excellence in educational quality goes hand-in-hand with high chinuch standards, as an extension of the Torah day school chinuch system.
All curricular resources have been customized for the Torah community, and courses are led by Torah-observant teachers.

Melamed Academy, a non-profit school, offers students tremendous educational quality at value prices.
Tuition includes award-winning curricular materials, an array of supplemental learning tools, a robust library, and personal attention from devoted teachers.

What's New at Melamed Academy?

Enrollment OptionsWhat Works for You?

We Reach and Teach Every Student! Our options empower you to choose more.

Full Time Enrollment

Students complete full curriculum in a structured program, leading to high school diploma

Single Courses

Students enroll for courses of their choice, for transfer credit or enrichment.

Course Recovery

Students can recover credits and complete the requirements for their high school diploma

Melamed Academy - The Online Day School for the Torah Community!

Enrollment Tracks

  • Full Time Student
  • Course Credit
  • Course Recovery
  • Electives
  • Summer School
  • Enrichment